My first day Poland was very fast. I arrived during the evening and it was time to sleep. My first impression about this country was that the weather was so cold but people were so warm and welcoming. My first host family was wonderful, they made me feel like at home from the first moment. The taste of polish food is quite similar to the italian one, apart that here it is seasoned with many more spices. I noticed that here there are a lot of typical soup accompanying the main meals. Also I was impressed by the fact that people use the term dinner when eaten at noon. Most of them here don’t have dinner after 6pm.

My day at school as a student has been quite weird. I didn’t understand so much about the lessons, because polish is very difficult language. The other students in my class ignored me at first, but then some guy tried to have a conversation with me. I think they were shy to speak in another language.

The first difference that I’ve noticed here between the polish and the italian school is that the children have to move every lesson in a different classroom and the teachers as well. On the contrary in Italy each class has its own classroom. Another difference that I’ve considered is that the students are very respectful, disciplinated and quiet in front of the teachers when they are in classroom, instead in Italy the students are ususally noisy, rebels and not respectful of the rules.

Regarding this school I found the building very new and technological and the system is very modern. The school is equipped of everything needed to entertain the children during the lessons and the breaks.

I think that the educational system is great. The only thing it could be changed in my opinion is that at least the youngest children should have their own classroom, because I think that change make them agitated and confused and make the atmosphere very noisy.