Hello, the school is the place where people learn and study. So i got a wonderfull oppurtunity to have a experience with alleena and obviously the whole 4A class. It was so surprizing for me because all the students was so warm and welcoming. They were so excited to have me with them. I was so over welmed after seeing the enthusiasm. They were trying so hard to have coversation with me. They tried there best to comfort me. Even the teachers in school are so welcoming. They teach in very polite and straight forward manner. In an increasing digital world its really difficult to handle childrens but teachers are really taking care of children as there own kid. The disciple of the school is excellent. The school really have different kind of environment while teaching, which seemed really interesting. While, i was in class 4A all the students were really concentrating in class work and was involved in all kind of activity whether related to maths or other subjects. I really enjoyed spending time with them. Even though it was difficult for understanding polish language i was enjoying my class. Im looking forward to have different activity with them. The climate in boyano is really cold for me as compared to my city mumbai. Food is awsome and people here are really good and comforting. Im really enjoying in my such family. so greatfull to be the part of a beautifull city.